CosmoVISIONS is a multisensory gathering of conversations, workshops, live performances and interactive installation curated by MaggZ and Sjoerd Beijers.

It is an open invitation to think about technological futures and epistemologies rooted in a plurality of cosmologies. Through the rejection of the linear view on time and progression in favour of a reading in which future, present and past act simultaneously – CosmoVISIONS aspires to reconnect to the practices of our ancestors situated in different cultures, to rekindle their knowledges of spirituality, magic and natural worlds. In hope of finding new propositions in overcoming the ruptures left by Western-imposed modernity, we resituate our quest as not one of classification and dividing, but as an act of weaving together, an act of bridge-making. For us to make kin with machines and nature, and reposition ourselves in a heterogeneous universe with non-humans.

creative direction, HMUA, styling by MaggZ
installation @tristan.brundler
photography & edits @johanpoezevara
space @m___e___d___u___s___a
video capture @sjoerdbeijers
wearable sculptures @ancabarjovanu