I Am Not A Virus - MaggZ x Amy Zhang Live Performance 
Creative direction & movement: @magg._z & @amyzhangggg
Hair, makeup & styling: @magg._z & @amyzhangggg
Garments: @c_0_z (MaggZ)
Sound: @ @ryoji_ikeda
Curated by: @ 4a_aus @diversityartsau .
Location: @firstdraft_
Date: 15/05/2021

I Am Not A Virus - MaggZ x Amy Zhang Video Work
气 (qì) is a movement-based multimedia video collaboration between Chinese-Australian movement artists Amy Zhang and MaggZ that explores feminine Chinese energy through the concept of 气, by embodying the physical relationship between their bodies and culturally significant objects. 气 is believed to be a vital life force that makes up and binds together all things in the universe. By embodying the 气 from objects and understanding how they are individual beings (without hierarchy), we aimed to find understanding on how we too can re-humanise ourselves and our community during a time where Chinese people are experiencing growing hostility, violence and dehumanisation.