我们说 (wǒ men shuō: “we say” in Mandarin) is a multimedia curation of performance, sound, visual art and technology curated by MaggZ and Eric Cheung. 我们说 reimagines a new reality of the collective and generational traumas shared amongst Asian communities in white supremacist systems and ways to constructively move past trauma bonding as the primary way of healing. Focusing on showcasing Asian artists from different artistic backgrounds from music, dance, art, and new media.

curation and performance and MaggZ
graphic design @yuda_works_
installation - @@ting_ti_ng @pauline_fan @seabstn
productionassistance @kinui___10shoes
styling & costume - @pauline_fan @department_foundation
space @atelier.254 @whichnancy
sound - @somevacancy @shadowmodescope @teomattress @ting_ti_ng @pauline_fan