4A - Queer Haymarket Tour

Queer Haymarket Tour is a 45-minute guided walking tour which reimagines the precinct’s architecture, history and social life through queer performance activations by Asian-Australian artists.

Emerging from the absence of well-documented queer history in this precinct, Queer Haymarket Tour employs activations across dance, readings and performances to re-imagine a precinct which visibly celebrates queer Asian-Australian communities.The tour builds upon the legacy of queer Asian activists in Sydney and Australia who sought to claim space within Mardi Gras, queer spaces and grassroot organisations.

Webster is brought to you by MaggZ as a part of Queer Haymarket Tour - Webster draws on Folklore of Dianchi from Yunnan Province in China, MaggZ’s hometown, to examine the notion of authority in the context of diaspora between Chinese and western societies in contemporary landscape. At the intersection of improvised movement, physical web installation and experimental soundscape, Webster calls for attention to barriers from immigrants to take agency and ways to disrupt such barriers under white supremist norms.

commissioned by 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art
sponsored by City of Sydney
creative direction, set design by MaggZ
costume by Eve Maxwell @age.of.foolishness
produced, assisted and documented by Dylan Goh @dilly_dg
sound design by bod @baojiaxiang
location In Between Two Worlds