White Waters x Rising Festival

Billowing atmosphere and massive movable screens are the foundation of the epic spectacle that is The White Waters. In 1993, Tian Qiyuan adapted the classic Chinese folk tale, The Legend of the White Snake, for his work White Water. Qiyuan was Taiwan’s first openly gay and HIV-positive student, and co-founder of the experimental theatre group Critical Point Theatre Phenomenon.

Qiyuan’s life and work are now the inspiration for artist Su Hui Yu’s The White Waters. Continuing a story first written in the Ming Dynasty, Su worked with local dancers to find contemporary meaning in the ancient tale of transformation. A dance epic playing with gender, sexuality and queer histories.

created by Huiyu Su @suhuiyu1976
choreographed by Yiling Li @liuiling610
supported by Rising Festival
produced by Ari @plasticofcolour
Adriana @nushki_nu
videos captured by Jennifer Ma @jennifoomama Eve Maxwell @age.of.foolishness