The song that catalyzed this project was born out of Jadu’s experience of moving between the community she was born into and the community she has chosen. It explores navigating these seemingly disparate worlds and the tension that arises from desiring acceptance from both. Drawing on these concepts, the film unpacks how individuals perceive and change themselves based on real and imagined judgment from others. This negotiation is depicted through three thematic sections, which will be embodied on the runway: Vulnerability, Alienation & Dominance.

Track: 'Untitled001' by Aarti Jadu
Director: Aarti Jadu
Stylist: Age of Foolishness (Eve Maxwell)
DOP: Naveed Farro + Joli Boardman
Assistant Camera and Best Boy: Lewis Rodan
2nd Camera: Josie Alexandra Gaffer: Joli Boardman
Editing: Aarti Jadu
Colourist: Joli Boardman
Movement Direction: MaggZ, Mirisia 
Talent: Mirasia, Blu Jay, MaggZ
MUA: Blu Jay
Featuring designers: Sschafer | Faze One |Chantelle Lucyl | Die Horny | Error404 | Somethng Shit | Connor Milton