New Reality

New Reality is a multisensory futurist hybrid performance that activates the Long Room of Immigration Museum. Movement and visual art propel viewers into a triptych of rule-based performances with physical installation, soundscape of MaggZ’s home tongue Kunming (located in Yunnan province, China) dialect and costume design. New Reality calls attention to the diverse immigrant experiences in so-called ‘Australia;’ New Reality re-examines shame-based cultural identification under white supremesist societal norms in the west. This will be MaggZ’s debut large-scale exhibition, MaggZ aspires to uplift young immigrants’ experiences and to reclaim individual and collective cultural identities with agency and pride.

New Reality creative direction and performance by @magg._z
(in alphabetical order)
costume design @anti0tina
costume design creative development consulting @age.of.foolishness lighting
mentor & producer @jonninotjohnny
set design @speculative.hybridity
set design research consulting @13illie_
video & post production @eyeworldwide_ @nonoycisco @juddabello

New Reality is supported by @immigrationmuseum_melb @melbournemuseum @cityofmelbourne @whatsonmelb #melbmoment
Creative development supported by @dancehouse.melb @platformartsgeelong