Virtual Enigma
Virtual Enigma is a live experience of physical and virtual performance in simultaneity, by Harriet Davey, Imogen Davey, Laura and MaggZ, at Transparent Platform in Berlin, August 2023. In the physical realm, Virtual Enigma explores the notion of performance as rituals, by engaging with the elements of fire, wind, earth and water, at the intersection of the somatic bodily experience. In the virtual realm, the performance is mirrored by a digital twin, real-time in an ephemeral environment. Together comes Virtual Enigma, the ritual of the future, immersed in the present and rooted in the past.

creative direction by @harriet.blend @perishablelllllllnstants and MaggZ
costume & styling @judithbondy
set design @perishablelllllllnstants
space @transparentplatform
sound @corin.ileto - hydrate
virtual production @harriet.blend