World +

World + is a series of conversations, development, and in-person events aiming to reimagine and reconceptualise the notion of ‘battles’ within the street dance culture based in Naarm, curated by Producer in Residence MaggZ. Through the process of co-designing with industry peers, mentors and active community members aged between 18 ~ 25 from the street dance sector, this program aspires to shine light on the voice of the youth and to investigate the current complexities within the battle culture, as well as to extend the infrastructure and modality of ‘battles’ with the notion of world-building whilst honouring the socio-political context and the history of street dance.

World + includes three sections
  • Co-design: weekly meetup with industry peer and a focus group of 4 participants aged between 18 ~ 25 to co-explore ways to re-conceptualise battles, facilitated by MaggZ, supported by mentors and peers
  • World + Lab: a 6-hour guided development session at Brunswick Mechanics to trial out ideas from the co-design process, facilitated by MaggZ, peers and an external facilitator; participated by the focus group and 60 patrons (open to all, but prioritising age 18 ~ 25)
  • World + Event: a 6-hour public-facing event at Brunswick Mechanics to actualise the re-conceptualisation of battles after the co-design and World + Lab process, facilitated by MaggZ and peers, participated by the focus group and 200 patrons
  • World + Site: an immersive digital World + experience, which situates on Next Wave's All School Site. With the inspiration of transmedia practice, the World + site offers users a generative and personalised World + experience by incorporating 2D and 3D elements, immersed with images, videos, audios and text.

The Producer in Residence and Creative Leadership programs are generously supported by VicHealth through their Future Healthy initiatives.

Creative direction and produced by MaggZ @magg._z
Digital Commissions by Feras Shaheen @fezshaheen, Henry Prye @eek_now, Sam Mcgilp @mygilp
Focus Group Carmen Yih @hitahhchi Gino @gino._24 Phil Pham @youphilmepham Tracey Trinh @tracetrinh
Montors Efren Pamilacan @ef__ Jonathan Homsey @jonninotjohnny
Peers contribution David Prakash @cadury_boy and Oliver Le @oliverle_
Web Development by Akash Muyle