JUÉ (Bay Area)
觉 (jué: internal or external human reaction after external stimulation) is a 12-hour gathering of workshops, conversations, performances and collaborations. The event will center queer sino-diasporic artists / makers and their experience on western land, curated by MaggZ and Output Field.

觉 (jué) examines the emotions that are embedded, generated, and realised by sino-queer feeling - melancholy, nostalgia, and agency. The spaces engage queer expression with Chinese, Taiwanese, and Hong Kongese culture. 觉 (jué) reimagines the future of the collective and generational traumas shared amongst Chinese communities in white supremacist systems and heteronormative spaces. The showcased works offer alternative ways of healing, beyond shame-based solidarity or expedited reconciliation. 觉 (jué) seeks to move past centering trauma as a means to connect, and offers generative ways to respond the otherness imposed on artists and makers of Queer Sino-Diaspora.

curated by MaggZ and @output.field