this is a visual speculation against what you call AI that infest everything, like mushrooms do with ants in the Amazon.
We don't fear robots and their blasphemy, we don't fear the darkness system and its futile niceties. We are warriors, in the night and day, our lymphatic system protects our inner freedom, no one, no one will know anything about it.
We learned the litany against fear since an early age. Our scepter is the mind, our heart is open like that of Hanumān.
We ignored our Daimon to exercise courageously, rebellious in the face of bad weather, then we greeted him
rejoicing at our longed-for meeting.
creative direction, wearable sculpture, post production, text @iranacredi
alien @magg._z
costume @age.of.foolishness
nails @gelbytrace
published on @collide_24